Garth Brooks Helps Couple with Gender Reveal on Stage and Says He’ll Pay for College of Baby

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Garth Brooks might be the most generous superstar on the planet. He also loves being a dad as much as loves being the highest-selling individual musical artist of all-time. And if you ever doubted that fact, just check out what he did during a recent show.

Brooks helped a happy couple with their gender reveal on stage, but before doing so he offered up a lot of sweet advice, “The only thing better than one is 50 — as many as you can afford. It’s awesome. You’ll see. Once they give you that baby, you’ll go ‘I’ll take 100 more of these, man.'”

While opening the envelope for the big reveal, he shared, “gotta tell you, I’m extremely happy for you, ’cause I have three of these…”

Brooks went on to tell the happy couple that if he was still alive when the little girl attends college he’d pay for her tuition.