Garth Brooks and Jimmy Kimmel Write a Country Song About Break Dancing

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Jimmy Kimmel is good at a lot of things (like hosting a late night talk show, telling jokes and emceeing the occasional award show), but one thing that doesn’t come naturally to him is writing a country music song.

So, when Jimmy had the idea to pen a new song, he enlisted the help of country music legend Garth Brooks — you know the guy who has sold more albums than any solo artist in the history of the world.

In order to write the track, Garth challenged Jimmy to pull inspiration from things he loves and “would die for.” Instead, the 49-year-old comedian decided he wanted to write about the time he hired Boogaloo Shrimp to teach his friend how to break dance. Honestly, the song didn’t turn out quite as good as most of Garth’s hits, but it isn’t bad!