Garth Brooks Called His Stellar Duet With An Astronaut A “Full Orbit Moment”

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Astronaut Tracy Dyson has an unusual habit. Before she launches into orbit, the crew goes silent and she sings Garth Brooks’ “The River.” And, y’all, this lady can sing! Brooks saw a video of her singing while suited up in the NASA launch gear and invited her onto his weekly Facebook live in what became a gorgeous impromptu duet.

Brooks was promoting his Houston rodeo show and felt like he had to invite Dyson to sing with him. On Instagram, he called it a “full orbit moment.”

“I’ve launched on a few rockets, but this has got to be one of the most intimating, intense things,” Dyson admitted to Brooks. “But it’s only saved by standing right here with you.”

The segment was just one part of Garth’s 25-minute Facebook Live event in which he gives a full tour of his stage and a little behind the scenes of how his show works. Dyson’s part starts at the 6:51 mark.