Garth Brooks’ Music is Now Streaming Exclusively on Amazon

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After years and years of being the last superstar to hold out on streaming music, Garth Brooks has joined the masses. Brooks recently announced an exclusive deal with Amazon. Effective immediately, a number of Brooks‘ albums are now available to stream. New albums will be added later.

Last week, Music Unlimited was announced from Amazon– “expanded on-demand music streaming service that features tens of millions of songs, as well as curated playlists and personalized stations.”

According to a statement released from Amazon, “This is a landmark moment for both Amazon Music and Garth Brooks,” Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music, said. “Garth Brooks is a legendary country music superstar who continues to shatter industry records and amaze fans three decades into his career. We are honored to make his music available for streaming for the first time ever, exclusively on Amazon Music.”

The terms of the deal were not announced, but Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood shared via Facebook that they order a lot of stuff from and this was their way to get even.

Brooks also revealed in an interview with Billboard that the terms of the deal aren’t very long, “These terms of these deals aren’t very long. Everything is going to keep changing. I think one of the reasons I really, really liked this deal is it’s not a longterm deal, so it kind of allows you to enter as a partnership.”