5 Things to Expect from Garth Brooks as the Key Adviser on “The Voice”

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NBC and Garth Brooks have confirmed that the CMA Entertainer of the Year will be appearing on season 11 of “The Voice.” Brooks will serve as the key adviser to all teams during the upcoming live shows and knowing Garth— it’s gonna be a hell of a time.

5 Things to Expect from Garth Brooks as the Key Adviser on “The Voice”:

1. So many compliments.
Manly, he’s going to call every contestant “very sweet.” It’s his go-to for all situations.

2. Trisha Yearwood will appear or be talked about constantly.
Garth isn’t afraid to talk about artists he admires, but he doesn’t admire anyone as much as he admires his GRAMMY Award-winning wife, Trisha Yearwood.

3. He will wear carpenter jeans.
This guy is the highest-selling solo artist of all-time. He quit trying to impress us a long time ago and shows up everywhere dressed just like your dad. (Definitely my dad.)

4. His energy level will compete with Miley Cyrus.
When these two get together it’s going to feel like the Earth is spinning faster than usual.

5. Garth and Alicia Keys might fall in love.
The amount of love these two are going to share will be record-setting.