Trisha Yearwood Interrupting Mr. Yearwood During An Interview is Just About the Sweetest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

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Since Garth Brooks humbly and game-changingly returned to the country music scene in 2014 with the announcement of new music and a massive 3-year cross-country tour, you can’t find a single interview with the legend where he doesn’t discuss his wife, Trisha Yearwood, in detail. The man is absolutely in love with Mrs. Yearwood.

One of his most recent interviews with Ty, Kelly and Chuck, he even said he just wants to stare at Mrs. Yearwood, ” She’s unbelievable just to stare at and you just want to be in the same room with her—maybe you’re not doing the same thing, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re breathing the same air then I’m good.”

Though we know Mrs. Yearwood feels the same way for Mr. Yearwood, she’s not quite as ooey-gooey about it. Or is she? During a recent interview we had with the legend, Mrs. Yearwood casually walked by and said, “sorry to interrupt,” while planting a kiss on Brooks.

It almost looked planned, until you remember that these two are basically middle schoolers around each other. And, you know, he’s literally bending over backwards for her.

We also had a chance to ask Brooks how long the facial hair was going to stick around. Of course, his answer was all about what makes Mrs. Yearwood happy, “as long as she likes it and she loves it, that’s it. The second she doesn’t like it anymore? It’s gone.”

Brooks and Yearwood’s tour wrapped in Nashville, after a 3-year, 400-plus show run. That run also included two CMA Entertainer of the Year trophies.