Garth Brooks Wants To Spend Every Moment He Can With Wife Trisha Yearwood—”She’s Unbelievable Just to Stare At”

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When Garth Brooks paid a visit to “Ty Kelly & Chuck Mornings,” he talked about many things, including part 1 of his five part Anthology series, performing in front of a Nashville crowd and becoming a puppet at the country music hall of fame.

But when the talk turned to his bride of almost 12 years, Garth gushed about the “She’s in Love with The Boy” singer.

“I got to tell you when your wife is Trisha Yearwood, you can’t spend enough time together. She’s that funny. She’s that many different women. She never gets old. If you’ve been around her she’s entertaining as can be. She’s unbelievable just to stare at and you just want to be in the same room with her—maybe you’re not doing the same thing, but it doesn’t matter, as long as your breathing the same air then I’m good.”

Cue the collective Aww. That’s the kind of love we all strive for. Sounds a bit like Garth’s “She’s Every Woman” could have been written about Trisha —”She’s so New York and then L.A. / And every town along the way / She’s every place that I’ve never been / She’s makin’ love on rainy nights / She’s a stroll through Christmas lights / And she’s everything I want to do again.”

Garth wed Trisha on Dec. 10, 2005 in a private ceremony at the couple’s home in Oklahoma. After touring the country together on Garth’s 3-year tour, which wraps in Nashville TN on Dec. 9, the day before their 12th anniversary— the couple is stronger than ever.