Remember When George Strait Recorded Two Songs With the Same Name?

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Did you know that George Strait recorded two separate songs called “She’ll Leave You With a Smile“? We’re talking about two completely different songs with the exact same name.

One version was included on the 2001 album, The Road Less Traveled. This is the version you probably know, because it became King George’s 38th No. 1 hit. You know, it starts “At first she’s gonna come on strong / Like She’ll love you all night long / Like it’s going out of style / Then she’ll leave you with a smile.” This song was written by Odie Blackmon and Jay Knowles.

Avid Strait fans were probably confused though when they heard it, because superstar recorded a song of the same name in 1997 on his Carrying Your Love With Me album. That song, though, was written by Jackson Leap and wasn’t released as a single.

Hear the two songs below to compare.

She’ll Leave You With a Smile