Get to Know: GRAMMY-Nominated Will Hoge

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Will Hoge has a lot of miles underneath his boots, and in 2015, that’s all this gritty singer-songwriter could ask for. With 10 studio albums (and a series of EPs) under his belt, he details his journey across America’s heartland on his just-released new album Small Town Dreams. He’s always shown a deep understanding for country’s roots but has also incorporated Texas red dirt and southern rock ‘n roll into the mix. He often details the small town landscape in his music, offering up an authentic (sometimes sorrowful) portrayal of real life. But his latest project contains some of the most raw and grounded stories of small town life, love and loss that has ever been released in the mainstream (whether he slaps himself with that label or not). He might not be a household name quite yet, but his catalog is just as impressive.

Hoge’s journey, too, has been an inspiring (true underdog) one: he’s barely scrapped by on the bar scene in downtown Nashville, gone on to pen a Grammy-nominated country smash, gained critical acclaim for his own solo work and had the chance to open for a plethora of artists (running the gamut from country to hard rock). With just a pen and paper, he’s already captured our hearts here at Country Outfitter, and to celebrate his new album, we’ve put together a snapshot of the singer’s impressive career, in case you don’t yet know his name.
  • Hoge was born and raised in Nashville and spent his childhood in the suburb of Franklin, Tenn.
  • He studied history at Western Kentucky University. But when music beckoned him back home (once again), he began pursuing music on a full-time basis and built a band with Georgia Satellites guitarist Dan Baird.
  • He made is Grand Ole Opry debut on August 19, 2011. He was introduced by the legendary Vince Gill, who also played guitar during his set.

  • He’s also written songs for Lady Antebellum [“Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)], Wade Bowen (“When It’s Reckless”) and Rachel Proctor (“Better Off Now”), among countless non-country acts (like Shinedown).
  • He collaborated last year on Sunny Sweeney’s Provoked album on a song called “My Bed” and 2011’s “Catherine,” off David Nail’s The Sound of a Million Dreams.

  • His own “Strong” was used for Chevy’s 2014 Silverado pickup truck ad campaign and is now is biggest record of his career.
  • His “Another Song Nobody Will Hear,” featuring Wade Bowen, (ironically) became a No. 1 hit on Texas radio.
  • His previous albums released to-date are: All Night Long (2009), Carousel (2001), Blackbird on a Lonely Wire (2003), Man Who Killed Love (2006), Draw the Curtains (2007), The Wreckage (2009), Number Seven (2011), Modern America Protest Music (2012) and Never Give In (2013).
  • He’s had the pleasure of opening for such acts as Dierks Bentley, John Mellencamp, Pistol Annie’s, Shinedown and ZZ Top over the years.

Image Source: PR Photos