Get to Know: Pete Scobell

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After years of fighting for his country and making a name for himself as a competitive skier, Pete Scobell has returned to his first love: music. The former Navy SEAL’s first single “Wild” is an amalgamation of the man himself. The tune, which appears on his debut album Walkin a Wire, recounts the times in his life that he and his best friend went “wild.” He recalls moments of triumph and of pain and the vices that are company to both.

Scobell’s mom was a music teacher and Scobell was just 10 months old when she died. She left him all of her musical instruments and that’s how he learned to play.

“I was always trying to feel closer to her,” Pete tells us in his official bio.

As he grew older he moved away from his musical passions to pursue others, such as becoming a member of one of the most elite branches of the military, skiing and mountain climbing. But it would be music that would save his life. During a skiing competition, Pete incurred a traumatic brain injury and the rehabilitation center that he was sent to had the perfect cure.

“They said, ‘Do you play music? That’s the best thing you can do to help your brain,'” he recalls. “I thought it was cool that my passion for music met up with my rehabilitation, and it was more than just a passion at that point. It was something that I needed to do. … So I picked up my guitar again and focused on playing and writing. And it became very clear to me: For some reason, God keeps putting this thing back in my hands.”

10 Questions with Pete Scobell

He began playing anywhere he could, in the barracks, at dive bars, you name it. In 2014, Pete met Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus Moser and the invited him to record his song “For the One’s I Stand Beside,” which would appear in the war documentary The Hornet’s Nest. In addition to for helping Pete achieve that initial recording session, Wynonna would be responsible for Pete’s decision to pursue music full time.

“She called me up and said, ‘Listen, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I know when someone is supposed to be doing this, so you need to stop whatever you’re doing and get back to playing music. That’s the only way you’re going to be yourself,'” he explains. “She’s like a sister to me and Cactus is like a brother. I just absolutely adore the two of them. They’ve taken their arms and put them around me and shown me how to do things. Even given me a little tough love when I needed it.”

Walkin a Wire will be released on September 11 and is available for pre-order.