Gloriana is Bringing “Trouble” To Cheating Exes

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Mess with Gloriana and you’re bound to find some “Trouble.” Especially if you miss Rachel Reinert, the songstress who sings of an awful ex-boyfriend in the band’s latest single off their new album, Three. Reinert and bandmate Mike Gossin wrote the track with Ross Copperman and Jon Nite and the song is based off an experience Reinert went through personally, that clearly ended very, very badly and is likely still going poorly for the man that wrecked her heart.

If you’re running around, you better run from me

Pack up your bags and get gone, get gone

You wreck my heart, I’ll wreck everything

And anything I can get my hands on

If you lie, lie, lie with those wandering eyes

Better find one hell of a place to hide

If you mess with me, you best believe

That you’re gonna be asking for trouble…

The video for the trio features the band performing amongst strobe lights and cuts to shots of Reinert casually walking through a room of light bulbs holding what looks to be a black shaft– or– trouble.


Three is available now.

Image Source: YouTube