Watch Granger Smith Get Interviewed By His Redneck Alter-Ego Earl Dibbles Jr.

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Those of you familiar with Granger Smith, know his alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Well get this, Earl Dibbles Jr. sat down with Granger for what we can only imagine will be an introspective interview about Granger’s new album, When The Good Guys Win, due out Oct. 13.

Earl Dibbles Jr. is Granger’s alter-ego, a real down-home country boy, that was created as a promotional tool for Youtube videos. The goal was to create a video that would go viral. Granger had no idea how popular Earl, would become. Earl makes regular appearances at Granger’s shows and is featured on a couple of songs on Granger’s albums, including his upcoming project.

The two “friends” got together to talk about the track, “Still Holds Up” Well, Granger wanted to talk about that anyway. Dibbles Jr. seemed only interested in talking about Viagra. Take a look.