Granger Smith’s Sexy New Single “Happens Like That” is a Co-write With FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and You’ll Love It

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Granger Smith has been on quite a ride the last year after releasing his album Remington, notching a No. 1 single with “Backroad Song” and another Top 5 hit.

But, he’s also quite literally been on quite a ride and his newest single was born on the road, inside of a bus named Wildflower outside of Tacoma, Washington.

Happens Like That” is a little different sonically for Smith than his previous work, but still very much Smith. It was one of six songs he turned into his record label for his upcoming album and he told them to pick the single and he’d be happy with whatever they chose, “it’s not giving radio ‘Backroad Song’ again, it’s giving them a little bit different side of Granger that’s still Granger.”

It is Granger, just a little sexier. And that could be because Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard helped write the tune. But, it’s also because it is true to Smith’s life. He was in the right place at the right time when he met his wife Amber. It just happened like that.

It happens like that
Outta the blue sky, lost in her blue eyes
When it happens like that / Nothing to lose turns right into you
Doing all you can do just to keep her around
Till the moon goes down and you’re back at your house
One thing leads to another, you’re loving each other
One look and you never look back
It happens like that.

I guess that’s what you get
It’s true what they say
As soon as you stop looking it’s right in front of your face
Cause there you were and there I was and here we are I tell you what.

Ever wonder how
Just one drink
Turns into one knee down with a diamond ring.

Happens Like That” is the first single off Smith’s upcoming album expected to drop sometime this fall.