Granger Smith Surprising Fan At Work Is What It’s All About

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When Granger Smith released his latest album “When the Good Guys Win” last week, he announced that he would be personally calling all the fans who purchased the album during release week, to thank them.

For one fan, Kirsten in Ohio, the “Backroad Song” singer took it a step further. Kirsten, a major Granger Smith fan, received a call from Granger after purchasing his album and explained to him that she had wanted to travel 2 hours to his pop-up shop in Akron, Ohio, but couldn’t because she had to work.

That’s where Granger steps up. The 38-year-old father of three made the two hour trek to surprise Kirsten at her place of employment.

“This is my attempt to thank every single fan. No matter what it takes, because I understand that buying records is pretty rare these days. It’s worth it for me to make that extra effort to thank ’em.”

Upon Granger’s arrival, Kirsten was not at work, so her boss called her back in for the surprise. Not knowing why she was summoned, the young lady feared she was going to be fired. Alas, that was not the case and the look on Kirsten’s face when she sees Granger is priceless.

“That, to me, that is what it’s all about. To see her face, to see that reaction. There’s not a lot of times in music when you get to know for sure that you’re doing something right,” Granger said. “Her face told me we’re doing something right.”

And that’s how the good guys win.