High Valley’s Version of Country Music Is More Than “Drinking, Cheating and Leaving”

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David Allan Coe famously wrote to songwriter Steven Goodman after receiving his song “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” and said it wasn’t the perfect country and western song because it hadn’t said anything about “momma, trains, trucks, prison or getting drunk.”

Producer and songwriter Harlan Howard is known for his quote, “Country music is three chords and the truth.”

The debate about what country music is still rages on, but High Valley has found their path and it doesn’t include everything Mr. Coe wanted.

“It’s different for different people,” the duo’s Curtis Rempel tells One Country. “Country music is the truth. We sing about what we know and what we believe to be true. If you’re singing country music, it’s about what’s true to you.”

“It’s all about stories,” adds his brother Brad. “The greatest songs have always been stories and getting to know the artist. If you’re getting to know High Valley, it’s going to be about faith and family and farming. We can try to be totally different. We have and we suck at it.”