Exclusive Premiere: High Valley’s Epic Love Song “I Be U Be”

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The brothers of High Valley have a new song for your listening pleasure. “I Be U Be” is a powerful love song that shows Curtis and Brad’s romantic sides along with a beautiful western melody.

Of the tune, the duo says, “‘I Be U Be’ is a song that really pairs our love for bluegrass and pop at the same time. We kick off a lot of our shows with this song and people act as if they’ve known it their whole lives!”

The song is off the pair’s debut album, Dear Life, out November 18 and is as rip-roarin’ as it is sweet.

I’ll be the soldier out on the front line
You be the courage in my heart to fight
I’ll be the outlaw, bounty on my head
You be my shelter, a safe place to rest

I’ll be the weakness, you be the stayin’ strong
I’ll be the sunrise, you be the all night long
Ah darlin’ you’re the only perfect part of me
Without you my life is incomplete

Our love’s a melody that lingers on
I’ll be the singer, you be the song
I’ll be the singer, you be, you be the song

High Valley is premiering the song before the album’s release right here.

The duo’s current single, “Make You Mine” is currently in the Top 25 at country radio.