Hoda Kotb Fell Madly in Love With Thomas Rhett’s Daughter During Her “Today Show” Debut

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Thomas Rhett! It looks like Hoda Kotb might steal your baby.

Okay, she’s probably going to give Willa Gray back at some point. During his “Today” show performance this morning, the singer-songwriter brought the whole family along: his wife Lauren and daughter Willa Gray.

“Today” co-host Hoda Kotb took quite the shining to the newest member of Thomas’ family, holding her while she chatted with her daddy and giving her a microphone for the interview.

“I’ve been a dad for right at three weeks so I don’t know how good my parenting advice is, but to me, I just think it becomes a new normal,” said when asked to give
Hoda some guidance. “You live your life so long just caring for yourself or caring for one other person and then you bring a child into it, and it’s a whole different ball game. For us, we just try to soak it in and really pay attention and watch her grow up and try to remember all the little subtleties.”

Hoda recently adopted a daughter of her own, Haley Joy, and Thomas really likes the sound of their daughters’ names together.

“They should probably be best friends and start a band,” he said.