How To Tell If You're In A Country Music Video

How To Tell If You’re In A Country Music Video

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We’ve all been there. One minute you’re hard at work tending to your horse farm, then suddenly you hear a trio of fiddles and a steel guitar. “Oh no, not again,” you probably say to yourself. But it’s too late. The 60-foot American flag has been erected, an F-150 is tearing through your pasture, and a trio of blondes clad in cutoff jeans have hijacked your John Deere tractor.

You’re in another country music video.

All country music videos share a few things in common. There are a few ways to tell if you’ve found yourself in one or not.

If you find everyone but the band to be moving in slow motion:

From your slowed perspective, the band appears to be playing at near light-speed.

If you notice you’ve been walking on train tracks for several hours:

Easily the second best way to travel on train tracks.

If you frequently find yourself singing alone in the middle of the road:

Jason Aldean’s Uber is late.

…Or the middle of nowhere.

If you can’t go floating down the river without a guitar:

If driving a pickup always looks like this:

Or this:

Filling up your pickup always involves guitars:

If it’s physically impossible for your cowboy hat to come off:

Seriously, how is Alan Jackson doing this?

And if you do find yourself suddenly thrust in to a country video, try not to panic. You may end up missing some horses and your Trans Am, but they’re usually over in three to five minutes.

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