Jason Isbell Released An Animated Music Video For “If We Were Vampires”

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Jason Isbell’s simple yet haunting love song “If We Were Vampires” finds a tonal match with it’s animated music video featuring a pair of vampires running from the dawn. The bittersweet tune walks through Isbell’s realization that the brevity of life is what makes it and love so sweet. In fact, it creates and earnestness that make love worthwhile.

Isbell’s latest release, The Nashville Sound, shifts the singer’s perspective from southern troubadour to that of a family man, concerned for the state of the world and consumed with love for his wife and daughter. But his songs go deeper than the feelings that come with those relationships.

The video for “If We Were Vampires” highlights the deep longing of love with two lovers sharing love like Adam and Eve shared the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Once tasted, they knew they had something wonderful, but temporary. The rest of the video follows the two as they run through the night and into the morning light.