Is Country Music Ready to Forgive the Dixie Chicks?

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With the recent announcement that the Dixie Chicks are headed for a European reunion tour and a few possible stops stateside, I got to wondering– why is everyone still so mad at the Dixie Chicks?

Surprisingly, you can’t find actual video of Natalie Maines’ infamous statement about President George Bush, save its brief appearance in the trailer for the Chicks’ documentary, “Shut Up and Sing.” But, it’s in there. Of course, it’s in there.

After watching the clip, I have to ask– isn’t Nashville ready to forgive these three? Isn’t country music looking for more ladies to shine a spotlight on? The trio has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, making them the best-selling female band of all-time– clearly someone has forgiven them. Will country radio?

Only time will tell.

Image Source: PR Photos