Jana Kramer Recounts Sexual Harassment Ordeal—”I Ended Up Just Bawling”


Jana Kramer is the latest celebrity to come forward in the “#MeToo” movement, sharing her own encounter with sexual advances at the hands of a former manager.

“The Harvey stuff is difficult. Unfortunately, it’s not the first case and it’s not going to be the last,” Jana told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“With a big name like Harvey, women feel silenced and they are afraid to come out because they don’t want their careers affected,” she said. “Also you kind of just feel gross about it and ashamed about it, and you are like, ‘Was it me? Did I do something?'”

The #MeToo movement is a Twitter hashtag that has gone viral. Actress Alyssa Milano was one of the first to share the hashtag saying, “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.” To date, over 1.4 million women and men and counting, have tweeted the hashtag.

Jana, who starred in “One Tree Hill” and is a country music singer, found her ordeal too difficult to talk about, thus did not come forward. The incident so damaging to her, it almost caused the Michigan native to go back home and not pursue her acting/singing career.

“I had a man helping me in the very beginning when I was 19, and he was like, ‘OK, I’ve done this for you. What are you going to do for me?'” Kramer told the site. “And I remember in that moment being like, ‘Oh, my God! I am going to have to sleep with this man in order to fulfill my dreams.’ I ended up just bawling, crying, and having a panic attack, and he left.

“I called my mom and I was like, ‘I’m coming home. I’m going back to Michigan.’ And she’s like, ‘The hell you are!’ She said, ‘Don’t let a man try and take something away from you like that. Be the bigger person. Fight back.'”

Luckily Jana had her mother in her corner. The singer did what her mother said and found a new manager, but revealed that she will never forget the incident.

“I’ll never forget that. How easy it is for something like that to happen and for me to think ‘I can’t do this,’ and then they win.”

Jana previously revealed, in Oct. 2016, that her first ex-husband, Michael Gambino, was physically and emotionally abusive toward her, to the point of attempting to kill her—for which he was arrested. It took having her daughter, Jolie, to “really piece together every broken part of me,” she said.

Jana is currently married to her third husband, Michael Caussin—they married on May 22, 2015. The 33-year-old gave birth to the couple’s only daughter, Jolie Ray, on Jan. 31, 2016. Her latest single “I’ve Done Love,” written by Josh Osborne, Nicolle Galyon and Shane McAnally, is available now.

Lisa Konicki
A New Yorker that made her way to the South, Lisa got her love of country music from her dad, who always played the classics. However, her love of fried pickles, a southern staple, came from Blake Shelton, who made her try her very first one. With 20 years experience in the music biz—previously at the helm of Country Weekly Magazine —Lisa loves to de-stress by going to the movies, playing and watching sports or just being outdoors.

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