Jason Aldean and Brittany Have a Name Picked Out for Their Baby Boy


Earlier this summer Jason Aldean and wife Brittany told “Entertainment Tonight” that they knew what they would not be naming their baby boy, “We’re finding out that boy’s names are a lot harder to come up with than girl’s names for some reason. We got a couple of things that we like, but nothing for sure yet. It will be something unique and different. Nothing crazy like a direction—east, west, north, south, none of that stuff.”

But, now Jason has shared that the couple does have a name picked, but they’re not going to tell anyone, “That’s one of the things were kind of keeping under wraps a little bit right now,” Aldean admitted. “Actually, we had a ton of names, [but] there was only one where we both went, ‘Yeah, that’s cool.’ So there’s only one that we agreed on, so I kind of knew that was going to be the name early on, and I think that’s what it’s going to be. Coming soon.”

The couple shared they were expecting a baby boy in May.

its a………

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today is the day….. whats it gonna be? boy or girl! #genderreveal

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