Brittany Aldean’s Most Recent Pregnancy Update is Pretty Epic

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Being pregnant is hard. Being pregnant during the summer is hard. Being pregnant while married to someone super famous is probably pretty hard too. Everyone feels like they know you and will say anything that comes to mind to you– which probably happens to most pregnant women.

Brittany Aldean is experiencing the joy of pregnancy and also the annoyances, so she’s decided to just get all the facts out there.

Does she have pregnancy symptoms? Well, she is pregnant. But, she is also tired and isn’t loving her skin right now. The baby is big and she’s not showing the nursery to fans yet.

Brittany shared all of these answers to the most common questions on Instagram and we love it.

“Symptoms? No Morning sickness, exhaustion during first trimester and awful skin (no one warned me!!) No “pregnancy glow” here😏 Just amazing Highlighter! ✨ Due Date? The Holidays💋 •Lil man is in the 95th percentile in size… and weighing significantly more than the normal baby at this point👶🏼🍼 Starting on the nursery, today! Theme? Saving that to show y’all when it’s done😝 Name? Yes, but that’s a surprise too💙 Georgia or Bama fan? Depends which parent you ask 😳🏈.”