Jason and Brittany Aldean Have Revealed Their Baby Boy’s Name

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After assuring fans that they weren’t naming their baby boy Mango or anything too weird, Jason and Brittany Aldean have finally revealed their unique, but super Southern name for their little guy.

Memphis will be here in December.

A couple of weeks ago, Jason shared, “It’s funny, we found out picking a name for our son is tougher than we thought… we had one name that we both kind of threw out that and we were like, ‘I kind of like that.’ Out of about 100 names there was one that we somewhat agreed on…we’ve got a few months to think about it and see if anything else hits up. We’ve got one we’re eyeing…it took us a while to find that one.”

Brittany shared a photo of herself and Jason in front of Memphis’ crib with a special blanket and the caption, “Today’s our Nashville baby shower… a day I’ve looked forward to for as long as I can remember💙 We can’t wait to hold you, Memphis!!! 👶🏼🍼 And Thank you @shophighway3 for our personalized blanket… we absolutely love it🤗 Use the code ALDEANBABY to get 25% off yours😍 shophighway3.com Can’t wait to wrap his little booty up in it!!!”

Jason, on the other hand, shared a shot of his nursery, with a strategically placed Georgia Bulldog jersey on the crib. Earlier this summer Brittany shared that several people had asked if Memphis will be a Georgia or Alabama fan. She said, “depends on which parent you ask.”