Watch Jason Aldean Surprise a Fan at Her Apartment!

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How cool would it be if
Jason Aldean showed up at your apartment?

Brittany Marcum knows! The Georgia native showed up at her apartment with a ton of loot.

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!” was all Marcum could say as she opened the door to see Jason outside.

The Lexington, Ky., resident welcomed Jason in and learned that not only was he offering tickets to that night’s show, but he’s also having her come to his Fenway Park stop in Boston and be a roadie for the day. Oh, and he brought a ton of merch for her.

“Can we hang out? Do you want a beer?” Brittany asked the singer, who she admitted was her celebrity crush.

Jason took her up on the drink and hung out while she tried to get her boyfriend, also named Jason, on the line.

“Are you excited to meet me?” she asked Jason Aldean with a giggle as she waited for her boyfriend to pick up.

Keeping things like, Marcum also asked Jason if he could introduce her to Ellen DeGeneres, to which he replied, “I know Ellen but we don’t keep in touch.”

Jason hung out long enough for Marcum to get her boyfriend on the phone and say hello to him and his brother, Matt, who was celebrating his birthday.

A pretty cool move, Mr. Aldean.