Jennifer Nettles Wrote a Love Letter to This Bag of Popcorn and We Don't Blame Her

Jennifer Nettles Wrote a Love Letter to This Bag of Popcorn and We Don’t Blame Her

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I remember the first time I ever had kettle corn. It was this rare delicate mixture of salty and sweet and was basically perfection. I also remember the first time I was strolling down the chip aisle at the grocery store and saw a bag of commercially produced kettle corn that met my expectations. Snacks haven’t been the same since.

Like me, snacking for Jennifer Nettles isn’t ever going to be the same after she was introduced to Popcorn Indiana’s Black & White Drizzlecorn. The songstress was so overwhelmed by the experience she wrote a love letter on Instagram.

Jennifer proclaimed, “Dear @popcornindiana , My original plan was to have a cup of green tea before soundcheck and then just wait for dinner to eat. Then I saw this. Really?!?! You’re not even playing fair. I’ve now eaten 3/4 of the bag. At first, I was angry. Then I reminded myself that they say, when we die, it’s usually the things we did NOT do that we regret, more than those thing which did. Thank you for the popcorn and the important life lesson. I am no longer angry, but rather on a serotonin high.
Love, Jennifer”

You can get the Drizzlecorn just about anywhere and it’s as good as advertised, y’all.

And yes, they also have one with peanut butter.

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