(Watch) Jessie James Decker Shines With Performance of “Almost Over You”

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Shortly after hitting the top spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart with her new album, Southern Girl City Lights, Jessie James Decker headed to New York to perform her song, “Almost Over You,” on “Megyn Kelly TODAY.”

Before her performance, JJD talked with Megyn about the third child she is expecting with Tennessee Titans wide receiver, Eric Decker. The couple is expecting their second boy next year and when asked if the mom-to-be will continue touring, Jessie was adamant that it wasn’t happening.

“Oh Lord, No, no, no” she said. “After this, I’m going to go home and put my feet up and just make Eric give me massages.” We can’t blame her.

Jessie is sounding at her best with the release of her current album, Southern Girl City Lights, that features singles, “All Filled Up,” “Pretty Girl,” “Hungry,” and the title track. “Almost Over You”, a track that features Randy Houser on vocals, is an uptempo love song about a couple who have gone their separate ways, but during a night out, run into each other and rekindle their romance after almost being over each other.

“I was almost over you / Wasn’t thinking ’bout you at all / Now it’s like all I can do/ Is hold on ’til the last call / Pray that you come home with me / And stay the whole night through / Maybe longer if you do / I was almost over you.”