Margot Robbie Faces Off With Jimmy Fallon In a Game of Box of Lies

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While out promoting her upcoming movie, “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” where she plays Daphne Milne—the wife of A.A. Milne, who wrote the Winnie the Pooh series—Margot Robbie made a stop by “The Tonight Show” to visit Jimmy Fallon.

During her appearance, the duo got involved in a game of, what Jimmy likes to call, Box of Lies. The object of the game is to grab one of nine boxes that contains a hidden object. You then must describe to your opponent what is in the box. You can either lie or tell the truth. Your opponent has to guess whether you are lying about your description or telling the truth.

“Are you good at lying,” Jimmy asks Margot.

“I’m a terrible liar actually. Or is that a lie and I’m really good at this. I’m in your head Jimmy, I’m in your head,” Margot responds before grabbing her first box.

Some of the objects they each had to describe were a lobster, a hotdog over plastic feet and an egg with Nicolas Cage’s face painted on it. For the first two boxes both Margot and Jimmy lied and were caught. So the third round became the tie breaker. Margot lied again when she described her object but Jimmy couldn’t be fooled—he ended up winning the game.

“Goodbye Christopher Robin” hits theaters this Friday, Oct. 13.