Jimmy Kimmel and Willie Nelson Discuss Life’s Most Ridiculous Questions Over a Glass of Whiskey

In Jimmy Kimmel‘s most recent installment of “Ridiculous Questions,” he and country legend Willie Nelson hang out at a bar and talk about, you guessed it, life’s most ridiculous questions.

Over a glass of whisky, the two discuss everything from girls, to emojis, to baby names, basically becoming the coolest duo (right behind Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake) to convene on late night TV.

While at the bar, Willie also tells a joke, asking Jimmy if he’s “heard about the skeleton that went into the bar and ordered a beer and a mop.”

Jimmy doesn’t really find it amusing, but the two have a good laugh and a cheers to it anyway.

Then, Jimmy jumps straight to three questions, asking Willie what kind of animal he’d want to die by, what he thinks of the name Kenneth for a boy and if he’s ever used an emoji.

Whether or not Willie’s actually used an emoji is still unclear because after being asked about it, he posed the question, “What does it do to you?”