Julianne Hough Shares Her Morning Rituals That You May or May Not Want to Try at Home [Watch]

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Julianne Hough is juggling a dancing, acting and music career and from time to time even she can get bogged down with commitments. So, the singer decided to share her daily morning ritual that helps her stay “clearheaded, productive, connected, grounded and expanded.”

In a five minute clip posted on her IGTV channel, the singer goes through the motions of two morning rituals that help her greet the new day with energy and purpose. As she explains, the first thing she does is ground herself with an entire body breathing exercise.

“As I breathe in through my nose, I bring all that energy coming down through my head, touching my face,” she demonstrates. “As I get to my heart, I shoot the air down to my body into the earth.”

She does the motion several times over the span of a few minutes before approaching her next exercise.

“When you feel like you’ve done enough raise your hands up, enjoy the energy connecting and expanding outside of your body,” she says, breathing deeply.

Her next exercise finds her arms open wide as she is “expanding and opening my heart to the entire world, universe, certain people I want to connect to, and I spread my energy out that way.”

An exercise she says is great for gratitude as well as love, she further explains the need for this daily morning ritual.

“Both of these exercises I feel completely grounded, but I also feel extremely expanded. Sometimes, in the past, when I haven’t been grounded I feel very expanded and a little all over the place,” she admits. “Both of these exercises help to insure the polarity of the moon and the sun, or the soul and the spirit, the feminine and the masculine. It’s all about polarity and connecting to God, the divine, and the universe, whatever you believe in.”