Justin Moore and His Daughter Work on Their Stand-Up Routine with Adorable Knock-Knock Jokes

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Justin Moore daughter Knock Knock Jokes
Photo courtesy Justin Moore Instagram

It’s always interesting to see how the offspring of entertainers choose to follow…or not…in their parent’s footsteps. And while Justin Moore’s youngest daughter, Klein, is showing an aptitude for performing, it isn’t necessarily as a singer, but instead as a comedienne.

Justin gave fans a sample of Klein’s propensity for soliciting a giggle with a video he posted on his socials. In it, the kiddy comic happily munches on a carton of blueberries while ripping off knock-knock after knock-knock joke.

“Knock-knock,” she says and Daddy happily obliges with, “Who’s there?” “Daddy,” she replies.“Daddy who,” he answers. And Klein finishes with the one-liner, “Daddy is my favorite one.”


The pair go through the routine a few more times, with each of the cutie’s punchlines falling a bit short of the humorous zinger we’re expecting, but that’s so OK. What she lacks in wit at her tender age, she makes up for in some pretty remarkable comedic timing and being so incredibly cute, we can’t stop watching.

In the caption of the post, Justin acknowledges, “Klein doesn’t quite grasp the concept of knock-knock jokes yet, but an A for effort.” How about an A for adorable?

The proud dad is absolutely right, though, and continues to encourage his little girl, laughing at the jokes and asking her for more.

Justin is on a break to enjoy the holidays with his wife, three daughters and baby boy, but he gets back out on the road next year with Cody Johnson, Eric Paslay and Riley Green starting in January. He has also recently released the lead single, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” from what will be his fourth album. The song, a homage to fallen soldiers, has already proven to be in demand with fans.