Kacey Musgraves Connected with Her Memaw on “Hollywood Medium” and We’re Kind of in Shock

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During the most recent episode of “Hollywood Medium” on E!, Kacey Musgraves sat down with Tyler Henry to learn about the death of her precious Memaw and she learned a lot.

Kacey went on the show to learn more details about her maternal grandmother’s death in a house fire. If you’re familiar with Kacey’s tune, “This Town,” her Memaw was featured on the studio version telling a story about a drunk girl biting a nurse at a hospital. Kacey always describes her as “the most interesting woman ever.”

Before the show, Kacey shared that she had not told anyone involved with the show who she was hoping to connect with or any other details about her grandmother’s death. She also said this is something totally different than anything she’s ever done.

Immediately, Tyler told Kacey he connected with an older woman on her mom’s her side and a piano. Kacey confirmed it was an organ, not a piano, but it was right on.

From there, Tyler knew about her death and the housefire and gave her more insight into the actual house and possibly rebuilding.

Check out the full episode on E!.