Kacey Musgraves Had to Borrow Her Mom’s ‘Mom Shoes’ After Once Roasting Her on Instagram for Even Owning The Shoes


The single greatest and worst thing about the Internet is that nothing is ever forgotten– everything lives forever on the World Wide Web.

A couple of years ago, Kacey Musgraves went on a walk with her family and roasted her mom on Instagram for wearing some, well, super ugly tennis shoes. In the video, Kacey really focuses in on her mom Karen’s used-to-be-white mom shoes and you can hear her mom say, “don’t do that.”

Never gets old. And really…what are those.

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And now, as Kacey prepares to be on the road with Little Big Town for a few months, she’s found herself on her tour bus needing a pair of shoes. And whose shoes does she borrow? Her mom’s. And boy, can she really wear those mom shoes well. She paired them with some enormous socks that had to come from a gas station emergency sock shelf. Or something like it.



For the record, there’s also evidence of Karen wearing non-mom shoes out there.

I did my part to clean up the wedding confetti.

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