Kacey Musgraves Wants to Tour with Rayna James, So No One Tell Her Why That Can’t Happen Because We’re Really Pulling For It

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– if you aren’t following Kacey Musgraves on Twitter and/or Instagram, you aren’t Internet-ting the correct way. Kacey’s one of the last greats that’s still out there tweeting what she thinks and what she wants to say.

Sometimes, Kacey is emo. Sometimes, she goes off about random stuff and sometimes, she gets real into a new show on Netflix.

Right now, Kacey is watching “Nashville” for the first time. What’s even more amazing, is that one of the first songs to ever take off from the show was Juliette Barnes’ “Undermine” in season 1. Kacey wrote the song with Trent Dabbs.

Also, during the greatest episode of “Nashville” ever– Kacey gets a massive name-drop. Rayna was supposed to throw a baby shower for Juliette, but that Sadie girl shot someone so no one came. (I honestly can’t wait for her to get to this episode.)

Anyway, Kacey has decided that she loves the show and she wants to tour with Rayna James.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell her that that dream is dead. Or, you know, that Rayna is dead? I wish Kacey would’ve gotten into this show a couple of years ago, her guest appearances would’ve been epic. What if she would’ve showed up to that baby shower? Things could’ve really turned out differently for Juliette.