Keith Urban Wants To Hear Your Best Keith Urban Covers (and So Do We)

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A new talent competition series is launching this fall on The show, called “Best.Cover.Ever.” is going to be hosted by Ludacris, and features fans submitting their unique covers of their artists’ biggest songs.

Keith Urban is going to be one of the featured artists (in addition to Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Backstreet Boys, and others), and the fan with the best and most unique cover will get to perform a duet with Keith Urban.

“The internet is the ultimate vehicle for creative discovery,” said Urban. “It connects people, lets their talents be heard and sometimes produces stars. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens – to hearing how people interpret my songs – and, fingers crossed, to find a killer duet partner.”

If you’ve ever wanted to share a stage with Keith Urban, now is probably your best chance (besides maybe trying to rush the stage at his concert, but that seems dangerous). And who knows, you might get to meet Ludacris as well. Win-win.