Keith Urban Said For All of the Songs That Nicole Kidman Could Sing On, “Female” Was The One


For all of the attention, Keith Urban’s newest single, “Female” has gotten, he has trouble putting into words not only what the songs means to him, but how the feelings behind singing it change.

Urban dropped the song just 3 weeks after Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally and Nicolle Galyon wrote it and due to a few interesting interviews and news of the day, several critics viewed it as a response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Now, Urban wants the song to speak for itself.

Prior to the American Music Awards, Urban told E! News, “It’s hard to put that into words, because the song is more about a feeling as well, so I just want people to hear the song.”

And how did he get wife Nicole Kidman to sing on it? It was pretty simple, “He asked me, we have a studio in the house, I was upstairs and he came up and said, ‘will you come down’?”

Urban went on to say that there no other song more perfect for Kidman to join him on, “Of all songs to have her sing on, it was the right one.”

Lauren Cowling
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