Keith Urban Celebrates Anniversary with Nicole Kidman By FaceTiming With Her on Stage (And Showing a Slideshow to Fans)

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We may not have advanced in technology enough to be riding around in flying cars, but we can communicate with our loved ones in just about every way imaginable these days.

For Keith Urban, that means he even does it while on stage during a tour stop. It was Urban’s wedding anniversary with Nicole Kidman and he couldn’t let the evening go by without a chat, so he dialed her up on stage and had a quick FaceTime with her and the couple’s daughters. Originally, Kidman was supposed to be at the show, Urban told the audience, “We booked the tour at the beginning of the year and June 25th was going to happen in Boston. And so, I said to Nic, ‘I can’t work on our anniversary and so maybe we’ll play Boston another time.’ And she said, ‘What about I come up to Boston instead?’ I said, ‘That’s a great plan.’ ”

But, life and work got in the way and Kidman had to be in Australia for a film.

Urban also shared a few photos and stories about how he met Kidman. The slideshow was super sweet and fans could be heard saying, “I’m crying right now.”

This is the photo taken the night the two met that Urban was describing to fans.

After the show, Urban thanked fans for helping make the evening special.