Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon Had Yet Another Awkward Interview (But This Time, Keith Urban Showed Up)

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If you’ll remember, about a year or so ago, Nicole Kidman came on “The Tonight Show,” where she informed host Jimmy Fallon that she had been interested in him back when she was single between her 2001 divorce from Tom Cruise and her 2006 marriage to Keith Urban — funny, right?

Well, the news totally blew Jimmy’s mind and ended up making the rest of their interview hilariously awkward and uncomfortable.


For the first time since that interview, Nicole visited “The Tonight Show” once again — but this time she brought husband Keith.

After coming in serenading the two with “Dream Weaver,” Keith sat down on the couch with Nicole in order to “protect her” during the interview.

Now, I can’t say this interview was any less uncomfortable than the first one, but it did have me laughing just as much.