7 Reasons Keith Urban’s ‘Golden Road’ Album is Perfect

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Golden Road is arguably Keith Urban‘s best album. Now, we’re not saying that Keith hasn’t been putting out amazing albums for years now, but all the stars aligned with Golden Road.

So, here’s why you should dig out your old CD and give it a new listen.

7 Reasons Keith Urban’s Golden Road Album is Perfect:

1. “You Look Good in My Shirt”

This song is so good that even after he released several other albums, Keith’s label returned to this song — which hadn’t been released as a single — and sent it to radio (where, of course, it went No. 1).

2. “Song for Dad”

They say that boys have to reject their fathers. It’s a fact of life. I don’t know if that ever happened with Keith — who always spoke fondly of his. He also wrote this heartwarming song about that path we all take in inevitably becoming our parents.

3. “You’re Not My God”

Keith has been open about his problem with illegal substances. This song is probably the most personal tune he’s ever released as he discusses how her overcame addiction.

4. “Jeans On”

Just listen.

5. “What About Me”

“Sometimes I can’t help thinking what about me?” Who hasn’t felt that way? We’ve do so much for others but what about you?

6. “Somebody Like You”

We adore Nicole Kidman, but “Somebody Like You” — which starred Keith’s then-girlfriend Nikki Taylor — is still one of the best videos ever made.

7. Hidden Track

The hidden track on the end of Golden Road made you feel like you were hanging out in the studio with Keith. And, if memory serves, the “One Chord Song” made an appearance on Be Here evolving into one of them album’s tune’s (I think “God’s Been Go to Me” been I can’t verify).