Kellie Pickler Got Scared on “Ellen” (and Now I’m Convinced She Could Have a Starring Role In a Horror Movie)

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I’m not going to lie, Kellie Pickler is one of my very favorite people in the country music industry. Not only is she talented, but she’s super sweet, incredibly hilarious and willing to laugh at herself — a character trait I appreciate.

Well, during her most recent visit to “The Ellen Show,” the 30-year-old talent had the ultimate opportunity to laugh at herself after being the latest victim of Ellen’s famous scare tactic. Not only was her reaction absolutely priceless and LOL-worthy, but her recovery from the incident was also super impressive. Not two seconds after being scared, Kellie was back to her smiley self — but really, who’s surprised?

Also, don’t you think Kellie’s scream should be in a horror movie?