Kelsea Ballerini Tried to Guess Songs from 1993 (The Year She Was Born) and It Didn’t Go Well

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Sweet, sweet Kelsea Ballerini is so much younger than she seems.

Kelsea was born in 1993. She’s 24-years-old and doesn’t know much hip-hop from the year she was born. Which, to be fair, I don’t know much hip-hop from 1983.

During a recent appearance on the Bobby Bones Show, Kelsea played a game where she tried to guess tunes from 1993 and well, it didn’t go well. At all. Her dance moves to Naughty By Nature were pretty great though.

When she didn’t know “Shoop,” it was concerning, but I do like that she kept saying, “This is literally the year I was born. I was a baby.”