Kelsea Ballerini Claps Back at Internet Troll Who Told Her to “Lose Some Weight”


Anybody with working eyeballs can see that Kelsea Ballerini is in great shape. The “Legends” singer works hard on her body, working out and eating right to stay healthy. But that didn’t keep an internet troll from trying to body shame the singer on Instagram.

“Lose some weight,” kitty7722scorp commented out of the blue on Kelsea’s Instagram.

However, Kelsea, who is secure in who she is, wasn’t having it today. The singer snapped back with the best response we could have hoped for. In a post she wrote “not today Satan 💁🏼‍♀️,” followed by this response:

@kitty7722scorp hi troll. listen. first of all, I’m not a model I’m a singer. Second of all, I’m not responding to this to give you attention because you don’t deserve that, I’m responding because I am a healthy, normal chick which I pride myself on and work hard for, and want other young girls to see that and know that “skinny” is not always the goal. And for you to think it’s okay to comment on my weight or size is disgusting. I’m going to get a burger now. Bye.”

BURN! Well said, Kelsea. Burgers all around!

Kelsea Instagram response

Lisa Konicki
A New Yorker that made her way to the South, Lisa got her love of country music from her dad, who always played the classics. However, her love of fried pickles, a southern staple, came from Blake Shelton, who made her try her very first one. With 20 years experience in the music biz—previously at the helm of Country Weekly Magazine —Lisa loves to de-stress by going to the movies, playing and watching sports or just being outdoors.