Kelsea Ballerini Covered Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” to Near Perfection


I don’t know if Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift are still pals in real life because Tay has gone mostly dark on social media, but I do know that like the rest of us, Kelsea is still listening to Taylor’s tunes.

Kelsea recently shared a video to Instagram where she covered Taylor’s “Delicate” and I’ll say what I’ve said several times over– if Kelsea released an entire album of Taylor covers, I’d buy it. And gift a few copies to my friends too.


love her as a human but damn do I love her as a songwriter. @taylorswift

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Kelsea had a weekend of pop music recently because she also met Demi Lovato’s dogs.

she is a FORCE OF NATURE. and her dogs are cayuuuuute.

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