Kelsea Ballerini Gets in Fighting Shape For “Miss Me More” Video

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Kelsea Ballerini is in fighting shape and she’s showing her fight in the new video for “Miss Me More.” Originally slated to come out on Nov. 8, the Tennessee native postponed the release of her new video out of respect for the victims of the California mass shooting.

Set in a boxing gym, Kelsea finds herself getting in shape for a major fight against…herself. Directed by Shane Drake, the new video pits old Kelsea against new Kelsea as she sings about missing herself after her relationship ends. While she though she’d miss her ex, it turns out she missed who she was more.

I thought I’d miss you (when it ended) / I thought it hurt me (but it didn’t) / I thought I’d miss you / I thought I’d miss you / But I miss me more,” she sings in the chorus.
Kelsea took to Instagram to share the news of the new video and to send along a message of self worth.

“‘The Miss Me More’ music video is OUT,” Kelsea wrote in the post. “I’m really, really proud of this one and I hope it makes you remember that YOU are always worth fighting for. Thank you @shanedrake for bringing my vision to life.”

After taking a few blows, the old Kelsea emerges victorious as she knocks out relationship Kelsea, who wasn’t really her wasn’t really her. TKO! In the end, Kelsea wins.