Kelsea Ballerini Releases Sassy, Empowering “Miss Me More” (And Dang! It’s Fire)


Look out world, the sassy, sultry Kelsea Ballerini is here and it’s a good look (and sound) on her.

Kelsea has been telling us for a while now that her new album, Unapologetically, came together in three parts– loss, life and love. “Miss Me More” is definitely the loss part and definitely about her break-up with a Nashville songwriter, before she met future husband Morgan Evans.

Kelsea’s first single off the album, “Legends” is a profound, kind look back at the relationship. This is not. This is definitely an anthem, a “see ya,” a send-off for the ages.

Kelsea shared a preview of the tune with fans on Instagram which is an inside look at Kelsea and her squad getting super sassy.

Throughout the tune Kelsea details all the things she compromised throughout the relationship and when it ended she thought she would miss it, but nope– she misses those thing she compromised on.

Apparently, this guy (yes, we know who it is, but this song is hardcore we feel bad calling him out) didn’t like Kelsea’s red lipstick, heels or friends. That’s a lot of things considering Kelsea seems to like heels and other people.

The chorus is just as devastatingly raw. Forget “Dibs” because Kelsea is calling dibs on herself these days.

The second verse also outlines the compromises she made for the relationship and ends with the gut-punch, “I found my independence / Can’t believe I ever lost it / What you wanted, ain’t it?”

Okay, Kelsea. We hear you. We see you.

Go on with it.

Unapologetically is officially out on November 3.

Lauren Cowling
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