Kenny Chesney’s New “Pirate Song” Will Make You Want to Set Sail


Ahead of the release of his new album, Songs for the Saints, Kenny Chesney has made “Pirate Song” available for fans. The four-minute track embodies the peaceful nature that the Caribbean Islands have had on the singer and he hopes to instill this exact feeling on his listeners.

“In the islands, there is a whole other rhythm, a pirate rhythm,” Kenny explains in a statement. “It moves with the waves, and the stars and the sun passing across the sky. ‘Pirate Song’ emerged as a love song to everything the islands have always been: freedom, time slowing down, being calm and at sea. Even when my friends and people I knew were coming through my house after the storms came through, I knew the essence of what those islands are couldn’t be extinguished inside them.”

Kenny says the song is about “being unplugged, off the grid, sailing where the boat takes you and letting the cares drift away.” This feeling comes across within the acoustic guitar parts, Kenny’s smoothed and relaxed vocals, and the song’s slowed percussion beats.

“That’s why when they asked me to pick a song to send out early, I picked this one. It’s everything I wish for everyone in No Shoes Nation: the ability to let go and melt into the stillness. We all want to be pirates in some way or another,” he admits. “It’s such a romantic idea, so rock & roll, and it’s also so much more – and less.”

All the proceeds of Songs for the Saints going to Kenny’s Love for Love City Foundation, which is helping to rebuild the islands after the devastation that Hurricanes Irma and Maria left late last year. Kenny’s forthcoming album, Songs for the Saints, will be released on July 27. The album’s lead single, “Get Along,” is out now.

Annie Reuter
Annie Reuter is a freelance journalist based in Nashville. When she's not covering the latest music news or interviewing countless country artists, she can be found at a writers round listening to the best up-and-coming songwriting talent Music City has to offer.

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