Kip Moore Takes You Behind The Scenes Of His Video For ‘Plead The Fifth’

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Update: After initially posting this article, Kip Moore removed this video. It has since been reposted.

After releasing four singles with matching music videos in the last two weeks, Kip Moore has decided to release an unprecedented fifth music video teasing a fifth single from his upcoming album. His last video for “Bittersweet Company” mixed things up by doubling as a release of an acoustic version of the track. This video continues the trend of mixing things up, choosing to go behind the scenes on a shoot for an unreleased track “Plead The Fifth.”

The song is one of the only outside tracks Kip has ever recorded. But, as he explains in the video, the tune grabbed a hold of him and wouldn’t let go. “That melody, it just ripped me from my soul.” I don’t know what that means but it sounds serious.

The video begins with a staged performance of the song in front of an old truck, but focuses on how the song was recorded. It’s an interesting look at the musical process and gives hints at what the song will be like, but we cannot promise it will rip you from your soul.

“Sup dawg, I know you like music videos so I got you a music video about a music video so that you can watch a music video for a music video.” That’s Inception, folks.