Kip Moore Would Eat at Cracker Barrel for Every Meal if He Could

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Recently, in an “Ask: Reply” session with VEVO, Kip Moore answered questions from his fans. He answered typical questions like “What were you like in school?” and “What’s your favorite city that you’ve ever played in?” with typical answers. There was really nothing weird about this Q & A session until someone asked the simple question, “If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Now, I respect Kip Moore. He’s good looking, talented and handles stalkers well, but his answer to this question made my respect for him drop a little (only joking of course).

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Kip tells you what meal he would eat for the rest of his life with @VEVO Ask:Reply. Full video link in bio

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Ew, really? Cracker Barrel? Out of everything thing on this big, green earth you picked Cracker Barrel?

At least we now know he’s a true southern boy through and through.

Watch the full “Ask: Reply” session below.

Image Source: VEVO