Lady Antebellum’s New Track “Famous” is a Poignant, Sad Look at Fame and All That Comes With It

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Being famous can have a number of perks– the clothes, the cars, the money. But, it can also be scary and mind-numbingly lonely. That’s what
Lady Antebellum’s new track, “Famous” is all about– the scary, heavy side of fame.

The trio wrote the tune with Eric Paslay and the idea came about after seeing the Amy Winehouse documentary, “Amy.”

From there, they want to write a song about what happens when you get so famous that there’s almost no way out.

Charles Kelley shares, “This song is specifically about Amy Winehouse, but also about fame in general. It’s this thing that so many of us want so bad, but when you’re in it to that level it’s gotta be so sad and lonely.”

The tune encapsulates that sadness very well and listeners will definitely look at fame differently.

But damn, she’s famous
Everybody knows what her name is
Kinda breaks your heart when you think about
Everything she gave and the life they stole away
But you can’t blame her
Everybody’s drawn to the danger
Looking through the lens of make believe
Ain’t a mystery why a star goes down in flames
But hey, she’s famous
Ooh, woah
Yeah, she’s famous

“Famous” is available on Lady Antebellum’s brand new album, Heart Break— out now.