Lady Antebellum Share Drastically Opposite Looks at Love in Their “Heart Break Hotel” Video

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One hotel shares the good, the bad and the tragic in Lady Antebellum‘s “Heart Break Hotel” video.

To promote their new album, Heart Break, and the spectrum of love that it encompasses, Lady A used the metaphor of a hotel with each room representing a different form of love.

There are newlyweds, entering the hotel in the first shot and the song playing goes with the love their experiencing: “Good Time to Be Alive.” “Famous” plays as we head into the next room where a heartbroken singer — who we later learn is Kelley Scott Haywood — sits alone, self medicating.

There’s a young girl, getting ready to go out and singing along to “Heart Break.” There’s a couple joking around as “You Look Good” plays. Each room is its own story. They’ve each got a different method of listening too. You’ll see everything from a record player to a boom box to a computer churning out the tunes.

Watch to the end to see how the story plays out.

The only question I’m left with is, why does the maid live in a cave under the hotel?